Article 370 Revoked Jamu and Kashmir . Consequences

Article 370 Of Janu and Kashmir Revoked. Consequences:

India has started a new controversy in the world by changing her constitution. Article 470 of the constitution of India has been annulled. India has done this to  suppress the fundamental rights of Kashmiris

Article 370 of the constitution of India has given rights to the inhabitants of Kashmiris to remain independent.

inner mind of BJP


It was always the inner mind of BJP Modi Sarkar to suppress the fundamental rights of Kashmir people..

This act of India is against democracy and all the opposition leaders of India has also condemned the act of Modi Sarkar in the parliament session.


Actual Reason behind Revocation Of 370


We can trace the act of India by giving reference of the visit of Imran Khan to United States of America. During this visit, Imran Khan pursued Donald Trump to make a statement about the Kashmir. It was about steps for or any resolution of the conflict of Kashmir.

Statement Of Trump On Kashmir


After the statement of Donald Trump, the Indian media started a campaign against the statement of Donald Trump. Due to such statement the Indian government has taken the extreme step for the revocation of article 470 of the constitution of India.


The actual reason behind this extreme step by Narendra Modi is to stop the peace talks between taliban and United States of America.


USA Afghanistan peace talks and role of Pakistan in it.


United States of America is in a desperate condition to remove her Army from Afghanistan. During the visit of Imran Khan, the basic aim was to perform as a mediator between taliban and USA. Imran Khan has also given his version for the peace talks in Afghanistan.


Indian Role of unrest in Balochistan


On the other hand,India has involved herself in the issue of Afghanistan and has tried her level best to create any unrest in the province of Balochistan.

This peace talks has given a chance for India to create a panic in the relationship between Pakistan and the United States of America.

Revocation of article 4:30 is against the fundamental rights of Kashmiri people

This act of the parliament is against the fundamental rights of any constitution of the world. It was in the the article 470 of the constitution of India, that no decision will be taken without the consultation of the government of Kashmir. But, this act has 8nfringed the fundamental rights of the people of Kashmiris.

Version of Donald Trump on the revocation of article 370 of constitution of India

Donald Trump has given his version that this act of the parliament can be handled by the Supreme court of India.

Issue of Ladakh and version of China on the revocation of article 370 of constitution of India

The Republic of China has also condemned the act of India by annexing Ladakh in the central government. It is a fact that India and China are not on close terms with each other due to the issue of Ladakh.


Dalai Lama is living in India on the issue of Ladakh. But, India has surpassed all the limits without considering any  good for her neighbours.

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Article 370 Revoked

The extremism of India in the shape of Narendra Modi is at extreme position. Due to this illegal act,steps has been taken to convert the Muslim majority of Kashmir into minority. This annulment allows any person to enter the premises of Kashmir and get land in his name.

The success of foreign policy of government of Imran Khan

The foreign policy of Pakistan has image as a success story in the world. The foreign policy of Pakistan also succeeded to get the actual relief in the shape of kulbhushan Yadav. Now the success meeting of prime ministers of Pakistan with Donald Trump has also raised the anger of the Indian government too.


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