80 Important Points In Imran Khan speech in UNO

imran khan speech and its impact
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80 Important Points In Imran Khan speech in UNO. Imran started his speech with the verse from the Holy Quran. It meant We pray Allah and want His support only. These are the points which were discussed by Imran Khan in his speech in General Assembly of United Nations.

  1. Climate change is present in the world. The world is talking about the economy. So the decisions are mostly on economic power.

  2. Pakistan is facing corruption. The modern world should support us which have been located in the modern world. We should give money Laundering importance.
  3. Radical Islam is the talk of the day. This phrase is not fit for Islam.
  4. Terrorism has no place in Pakistan.
  5. Islamophobia is turning worst.
  6. The problem for Muslims throughout the world.
  7. Are the Muslims the children of a Lesser God.
  8. They consider the Veil is as a sin.  Women can not use Hijab in the modern world.
  9. We must address this issue. It is the need of time.
  10. After 9/11 no Muslim leaders did not convince the world about the concept of Islam.
  11. Basics of all religions are against terrorism and radicalism. Islam is a moderate religion.
  12. Everyone thinks who speaks English is modern.
  13. After 9/11 suicidal attacks get the speed. They equated it with Islam.
  14. Hindus are the pioneers of suicidal attacks. Before 9/11 suicidal attacks were used by Hindus in Sri Lanka. Japan did it in Second world war.
  15. In 1989  Salman Rushdie wrote a book against our Prophet Muhammad Peace Upon Him. It was ridiculous. Islam teaches the freedom of expression. If there is something against Prophet, we will stand against it.
  16. Some European tried to exploit in the shape of Islamophobia.
  17. Quran guides us the life to follow. Quran has a complete code of life.
  18. The best state was the Medina which gave the rights to minorities.
  19. Quran gives rights to the Poor people.
  20. Children of Adam are equal.
  21. Our prophet set the rights of slaves.
  22. The slaves became kings.
  23. In India, Muslim kings were the slaves earlier
  24. Prophet announced that everyone has to preach his religion.
  25. There was a rule of law in the State of Medina
  26. He gave rights to the Jews and Christians.
  27. Prophet live in our heart. Imran Khan speech in UNO,
  28. If someone insults then it amounts pain in our heart.
  29. In Europe, there are examples of defaming Jesus.
  30. They take holocaust as sensitivity matter, then why not Islamic discrimination is considered as sensitive.
  31. when I came in power Kashmir is my priority
  32. Participation in the war against terror was a fault. There is terrorism in Afghanistan, not jihad.
  33. My government will not join the war and join America in Afghanistan.
  34. Thay can attack us.
  35. I have already killed 720000 people.
  36. All political parties consensus not to join war.
  37. UNO has to send ambassadors to Kashmir and Afghanistan.
  38. We have a problem with India, Afghanistan and Iran.
  39. I have followers in India.Imran Khan speech in UNO,
  40. I told Modi to stop attacks in Balochistan. like kalbhushan Yadav is the example of Indians terrorism.
  41. 20 years old Kashmiri boy blew himself in Pulwama.
  42. There was no proof of Pulwama.
  43. They bombed us. We shot two planes, and we returned the pilot. But peace gestures were not taken positively.
  44. Modi used the mocking words in his election campaign against Pakistan.
  45. After the election, they tried to blacklist Pakistan economically.
  46. Revoked 370 (There is a slogan of shame in UNO)
  47. Modi is the member of RSS who believes in racial superiority and hates Muslims and Christians as they think their Golden age has been stopped by Muslims and Christianity.  They follow the Mahatma Gandhi Hitler and Mussolini
  48. RSS killed Muslims in Gujrat, and they treat them like animals.
  49. Superior race of his cruel nature.
  50. Curfew in Kashmir? What will happen?80 Important Points In Imran Khan speech in UNO
  51. They have killed 1000000 Kashmiri.
  52. They have raped 110000 women.
  53. Only because India has a big market?
  54. Look what will happen after curfew. 9000000 troops are there. What will happen?
  55. Has anyone thought what will happen?
  56. They have boxed them.
  57. They have taken leaders out.
  58. It has taken 30000 youngsters
  59. And Kashmiris will again be cruelly be butchered.
  60. Then India will again blame Pakistan like Pulwama.
  61. Islamic terrorism is a misconception.
  62. There is no narrative left for India1.8000000 Muslims of India are thinking now about their fate.
  63. I warn that they will blame us.
  64. This is not happening to Hindu Kashmiris.
  65. what will happen if 800000 Christians and Jews are stuck like this?
  66. We watch films in European when a person get a gun against injustice. Why not here ?
  67. What I will do if I would have picked the gun
  68. This is a critical time.
  69. Two nuclear countries will come in front of each other.
  70. United Nations has responsibility. They found UNO on this principal.
  71. Would you stand with a market economy or against injustice
  72. What will do when there is war?
  73.  We are Seven times shorter than India, will die until the fighting
  74. This is not a threat, but it is the warning
  75. This is the time to take action.
  76. Must leave curfew.
  77. We should give Kashmir their right to live.
  78. Any action by Pakistan will affect the borders.
  79. We don’t have a fear of death.
  80. I believe in life after death







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