Is Imran khan Announcing Presidential Form Of Government ?

imran khan presidential of government
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Presidential form of government in Pakistan: It is the talk of the day that whether Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is going to announce the presidential form of government in Pakistan. She has faced both Types of Government in the past. Pakistan has faced a presidential form of the government in Ayub Khan and Pervez Musharraf era.

It is also an admitted fact that during the 3o or 32 years of Presidential form of the governments, Pakistan and the people of Pakistan sensed the relief in the shape of inflation, unemployment, and economic prosperity.

On the contrary, the people faced disastrous situations during the years of the Parliament. Parliamentarians had unbearable corruption during its age. And, in the result of corruption, Pakistan even went to the state of bankruptcy.

In the presidential form of governments, the government is led by the President who is answerable to the whole electoral area He is answerable to all the people who elect him as a president of the state. That’s why in Parliamentary form of Government the Prime Minister is elected by the selected people from there concerned localities. This form of government has made an opportunity to elect the people of remarkable status to enter into the parliament. Elected people are only the personalities of your locality than to any political party and President.

So, Imran khan, being a true Pakistani would take a positive step to the road of Presidential form.

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