Morsi Egypt President; Death In The Cage

Morsi Egypt President; Death In The Cage
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Morsi Egypt President; Death In The Cage. The 67 years former President of Syria Mohammad died two days before.


The story of his tragic death reveals that they brought him in a cage before the court. Morsi Egypt President death In The Cage has become the top trend in the world. The controversial death of the former president has shaken the world of news.

He became unconscious and afterwards went to the Mystery Of Death.

Mohammed Morsi was born in the province of Sharkia.

It was not the first time that he became unconscious during the hearing in court.

He got his degree in Engineering from Cairo University. Later, he went to America and earned the doctorate from there.

He also remained the part of  NASA.

They allowed no person from his party to take part in his last funeral, procession. Mir of Qatar tameem Bin Hamad has explained the sorrow and grief and declared the death of Mohammad Morsi as an untoward incident.

He came into power in June 2012, after the 30 years of the reign of Hosni Mubarak.

Reign of Hosni Mubarak. Morsi Egypt President death In The Cage is an unprecedented example.

They ended his reign because of a military Coup by Abul Fateh Al Sisi

They also claim it that anti-Muslims powers tried to overthrow Mohammad Morsi. The Army coup and mutiny took place on 3rd July 2013. And they drove the president of the country to the jail, preferably in the cage.

Mohammed Morsi won the election from Mohammad Rafiq by getting 58% votes against his rival. He remained in power for less than one year., Mohammed Morsi enforced the interim constitution and given the parliament the maximum numbers of forces.

One of the disputed things in the interim constitution was the restriction upon the courts to challenge the same.

The anti-government activist was against this step.  They were of the view that Mohammad will enforce Islamic thoughts in the interim constitution of Syria.

Freedom Justice party

Freedom Justice party.

The allegation against Mohammed Morsi was that he was a spy for the Qatar government.

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There was massive bloodshed.  And about 5000 activists from Freedom Justice party and AKHWAN UL MUSLAMEEN lost their lives.

The Army paved the way for Justice Adeel Mansoor to act as president of Syria. It is also strange that Mohammad Morsi was in a cage for six years. Only a few people had permission to offer the funeral procession of Mohammad Morsi, the former president of Syria.

It is a challenge for the Syrian government to engulf this bitter reality. There will be a reaction from the Freedom Justice party. The party has the majority in the last election. The allay party, namely Akhwan el muslimeen, have also lost her workers during the army coup.

Its true, an untraceable case in history.  No example in history in which the former President of any country was in a cage. Morsi Egypt President death In The Cage is a controversial political issue forever.

Mohammad Morsi was the representative of democracy. The first charge against him of being pro Islamic thoughts.

Let the time decide the allegation of being a spy of Qatar or not? As the jurisdiction of the Court ends after the tragic death of Mohammad Morsi.

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