Pakistan India relations kashmir issue solution and Kashmir Issue History/ Foreign Policy

Pakistan India relations Kashmir issue solution and Kashmir Issue History/ Foreign Policy
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 Pakistan India relations Kashmir issue solution and Kashmir Issue History/ Foreign Policy. Kashmir is a burning issue nowadays. India has annexed Kashmir Jammu and Ladakh by canceling the rights of the state.

The foreign policy of Pakistan

The foreign policy of Pakistan has some successful steps inform of consideration of the rights of Jammu and Kashmir. Just after the cancellation of article 370, Pakistan has contacted the world white it was for the first time that Russia has not used veto power against Kashmir. China has also decided the fate of the Jammu and Kashmir. China has demanded the decision of the issue according to the regulations of UNO.

UNO has called the meeting of the security council on the pressing issue of Jammu and Kashmir.

The foreign policy of Pakistan and Version of the USA on Kashmir

Donald Trump, the American President, has recently told India to decide the issue according to the resolutions of UNO.

Indian Imperialism

Narendra Modi has some extreme designs against the Muslims of India. His former career regarding the elimination of Muslim sect minority in Gujarat is an example of extremism. He is an active member of RSS and RSS is going to who killed the Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir during the recent curfew. The people of Jammu and Kashmir are in the contract of about 1 million armed forces and there subjected Tu constant fear of their life.

The version of Human Rights organization in Kashmir Issue.

The Human rights organization of the world have denied the version of India. They subject women and girls to the inhuman activity of rape by the armed forces of India. Girls of aged 17 years have lost their modesty from the cruel hands of the Indian Army. The human rights Organizations have even reported the news of rape with the 72 years older women.

Rapes in Kashmir

One representative also went weeping while referring to the rape with 17 years old children and 72 years old women. The Indian Army is doing such a weapon as a war weapon to suppress the freedom movement in Jammu and Kashmir. The want to pressurize the whole valley in the disguise of their such brutal acts. Over 20 thousand people have been reported missing for 20 days. 

This so-called parliament of India announced the amendment on 5th August 2019. The liberal circles of India have protested the act of Modi Sarkar. This act has faced agitation in the parliament debts but was of no avail. 

Indian claim of democracy failed

The Modi Government had such designs just from the start of their campaign in the recent election. India claims herself the largest democracy in the world. But, the government always leaves no space for the minorities. Even Hindus are divided into many sects. The Brahmins also treat the low caste Hindus as a curse.

Minorities in India

The minorities like Christians, Sikhs are facing the brutality of Hindus a sense of superiority since 1947. The bloodshed in operation Golden temple is the example of Hindu imperialism. 

Role of RSS in Indian Politics

The philosophy of Hindu imperialism gets its traces from the manifesto of RSS. They follow the philosophy of AKHAND BAHARAT. They want to make the empire as narrated in MAHABHARAT, an epic religious poem of Hindus. RSS follows the philosophy of violence and hypocrisy. They always use force to attain their illegal desires. Bal Thackeray was also a disputed chronic figure best known for his couldn’t policies against minorities. Narendra Modi being his follower, has also started an anti-minority campaign to get the sympathy of the violent Hindus. He is a victim of self-praise coupled with a sense of superiority which has driven him into a state of inhumane activities. Babri Masjid and volunteered  Genocide at Gujrat are the living examples of atrocities of Narendra Modi. Modi was the Chief Minister at the time of genocide at Gujrat. Because of his in bearable inhuman behavior, the United States of America had banned his entry. 

Comparison of Hitler and Modi

History is always available to learn lessons. Modi imperialism is like the Nazism and Fascism. Nazism and Fascism were also one person representations. Adolf Hitler and Mussolini were the creators of Nazism and Fascism. These two people were the victim of the sense of supreme superiority. Their sense of superiority led the entire world in the Second World War. This behavior resulted in massive bloodshed throughout the world for nearly six years. Adolf Hitler voluntarily annexed Poland against the Treaty Of Versailles. There was a dispute between France and Germany about the region of ALSACE AND LORRAINE. These regions were rich in minerals and natural products and beauty. The illegal act of the annexation of Poland led the nations one by one to jump into a disastrous war.

Consequences of 370 And Modi Behaviour

Act of Modi to annex Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh is also similar to the action of Adolf Hitler in adding Poland to Germany. Hitler had already planned the massive war against the nations. He even forced the USA to jump into the battle by aiming torpedo at American Ship in the Mediterranean sea. Hitler did not bother to hear the resolutions of LEAGUE OF NATIONS. Similarly, Modi has annexed the Jammu and Kashmir against the will of its inhabitants. China claims the region of Ladakh as it’s the territory.  The claim of Pakistan is long-lasting since the Indo PAK War of 1948.

violation of Shimla treaty

Modi has also violated the Shimla Treaty like the treaty of Versailles. Modi will not act upon the rulings of the United Nations Organisation as Hitler didn’t bother the resolutions of League Of Nations before the Second World War.

Modi foreign policy and plans of Modi

Modi wants to become the supreme leader of the world by using his nuclear capability. This prediction has strong arguments and is widely accepted. Modi wishes to repeat the event of HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI by using his nuclear weapon at Azad Jammu and Kashmir or other essential regions of Pakistan. Modi also wants to create any self event like ATTACK ON PEARL HARBOUR for justifying her attack at Pakistan. Attack on the parliament led by Ajmal Kasab and Pulwama Attack was also planned on such designs. But, these were the failed attempts of India and Pakistan unveiled her intrigues before the world. Modi government is in constant stress to face the agitation across the globe. The continuous pressure of the world had maddened the government of India. Modi has bitterly failed to explain or give any plausible reason to violate UNO Charter. France has also urged India to solve the issue urgently. Pakistan India relations Kashmir issue solution and Kashmir Issue History/ Foreign Policy is the talk of the day.

The success of Pakistan on Kulbhushan Yadav case

The foreign policy of Pakistan has got the world to vide recognition. Pakistan gained fame in the famous kalbhushan Yadav case before the international court of justice. India tried her best to defame Pakistan by referring to the issue before the international court of justice. But, ultimately Pakistan won the case and gave a positive message to the world that Pakistan is acting peacefully against the terrorist behavior of India. Now, at Kashmir, Pakistan again won against India and has been succeeded to convince the severity of the issue.

India has tried her level best to get any attention from the world but all in vain. Thus we can say that India has got no favor regarding its illegal activity.

Kashmir issue in the eye of media

It is also for the first time that the media of the world is time to curb the inhuman act of India by their positive reporting. The act of India has been termed against humanity and not against Islam. Modi was of the view that the world will not support the stance of Pakistan-based on Islam. But the foreign policy in the leadership of Imran Khan has left a positive message against the policy of anti-terrorism. 

peace talks between Taliban and America

The critics are also of the view that India was against the peace talks between the Taliban and America. India does not want to end the war in Afghanistan. India wants to enhance the reign of terror in Pakistan, especially in Balochistan. Kalbhusan Yadav was also arrested in Balochistan while designing terrorist activities in Balochistan. Pakistan has suffered over 80 thousand people in the war against terrorism. It was a time when the whole of Pakistan was in the clutches of terrorism. India also designed a plan to speed up the momentum of terrorism in Pakistan. It is the policy of India that war in Afghanistan should never end. America, in the leadership of Donald Trump, wants some agreeable peace accord with the Taliban.

Imran Khan visit to America

The recent meeting of Donald Trump and Imran Khan was a starting point for the peace talks between the Taliban and America. Peace talks are in progress between the two rival leaderships. It was the time when India opened a new self-made pandora box on Jammu and Kashmir. India also annexed the disputed region of Ladakh with the view that America will never support China. But, this was the misconception, and all the five permanent members of the security council opposed India openly. At this unpredictable situation, India is with only two options. One option is to quit from its stance and allow to end curfew and enter the foreign delegates in the region. The world is demanding to decide upon the resolutions of the United Nations. The violent and extremist Hindus are commenting this a humiliation for India.

Extremism Of India and fear of Nuclear War

The extremist Hindus are forcing the government to plan a war against Pakistan. Modi is also trying to create a situation to start a war against Pakistan. His policy can start a Nuclear War between the countries.

But despite all the efforts of the world, Narendra Modi has not taken a single step to show his positivity. Nearly 20 days have passed, and they have not lifted curfew in Jammu.

The foreign minister of Pakistan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi has told the world that India wants endless war in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. And he reported that India is preparing for a limited war shortly. The security council meeting has not an outstanding decision of their recent meeting but 

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