Qazi Faez Esa Reference In Supreme Judicial Council Review

Qazi Faez Esa Reference
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BaQazi Faez Esa Reference In Supreme Judicial Council Review

Faez Esa Reference In Supreme Judicial Council Review; Qazi Faez Esa Reference. The political parties of Pakistan along with Pakistan media has started constant debates about the issue of accountability led by Imran Khan.

Even in After parties, the issue of accountability was at the highest peak.

The government of Pakistan has filed reference against Justice Faiez Isa in Supreme Judicial Council. Qazi Faez Esa Reference

 The allegation against the Justice Faiz Esa of Supreme Court of Pakistan is that he has not shown his assets in the foreign countries.

President of Pakistan, Arif Alvi has sent a reference against him because he has allegedly concealed his assets and of his family in the foreign country.

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It is pertinent to mention here that Sharif family has got acquittal from Hudaibiya Case. This acquittal is due to lack of evidence in by Justice Faez Isa.

The famous affidavit by Ishak Dar was also submitted in this case. Justice Faiz Esa rejected the review application by the Federal Government in the supreme court of Pakistan. 

He even stopped the NAB prosecutor to refer to the observation of Chief Justice of Pakistan.  Justice Qazi Faez Isa banned to report media in the instant review petition.

There are different types of debates by the different squares of people. Zahid Ibrahim, the Additional Attorney General has also submitted his resignation by claiming that it was an assault on the judiciary.

After the announcement of this issue publicly, the supreme court bar association also came with her version.


President of the supreme court of Pakistan, Mr. Amanullah Khan karnai has given his view about this reference against Justice Qazi Faiz Esa

The position of Pakistan Muslim League(N) and Pakistan peoples party parliamentarian is weak.

Because the leaders of both parties have an allegation of corrupt practice like Sharif family and Asif Ali Zardari.

These Political parties are trying to grab the interest of the people by highlighting this reference.

They have turned this act of reference against the judges as an assault on the judiciary.

The Government announces that such reference is upon cogent evidence.

East recovery unit of Prime Minister House tells the media that reference has evidence of property in United kingdom. And, on the basis of such evidence reference has been filed in supreme judicial council.

Pakistan High Commission in the united kingdom has evidence of property with them.

And, Justice Faiz Esa has written a letter to the President of Pakistan. So, he claims that such issue is baseless. And, the reference is baseless and irrelevant from the start.

But, it is an established law that no person is above the law.

And it is also a fact that no person should be condemned unheard.

So, if any person is found in illegal practice then he should be convicted for such crime.

Because the law is equal for every person in Pakistan and even in the whole world.

Pakistan is in the constant chart of economic problems.

And, in conclusion, if we find any person in financial corruption he should be given a tough time. He should finally be handled in a very harsh and legal manner.

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