SAMPLE OF APPEAL FOR  Getting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

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4th September 20XX


The Administrator,


SUBJECT: APPEAL FOR  Getting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Dear Mr……,,

My Name Is….. and I was availing Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) financial aid in class….year…. Semester….due to your kind attention. My Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) financial aid has been suspended because of low grades.

Firstly, this was a little fault on my part. But, I wish to explain that all this happened due to some unavoidable circumstances and were not voluntarily. The sudden unexpected demise of my beloved mother was something unusual for my life. I lost my job as a…. at the same time because of the death of my mother. That was not the end of my miseries, as I had to face separation with my wife simultaneously. I had to tackle all these unexpected events positively along with the responsibility to take care of my daughter. My daughter is in middle school and was in severe mental torture because of the above circumstances. The condition of the daughter had worsened my sufferings. So, these were the natural barriers that played an active role to secure the required grades. I quote my previous grades as an example of my commitment to my studies. I have my mother’s obituary as a prove and I can show that I was dealing with personal financial hardships during these consecutive unfateful events. All these factors played a part in my inability to do well in school. I tried my level best to maintain the grades, but, life got the best of me that semester and everything that could go wrong happened to me.

However, I learned at your school to overcome difficulties and how to face the problems. I am a hard worker and belive in myself.  Now I have got my job again. My life is in order. My daughter and wife are calm and are living happily with me. Life is smooth and I am ready to go back to school as I can handle the load. All this happened because of your schooling, close circles of family and friends who always reach out before anything happen to me. I have no other remedy other than to invoke the jurisdiction of your school to grant me a chance to continue my Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Your kind consideration will build my career as I can not afford my studies without availing Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) from your school.

So, I humbly pray it that my appeal may kindly be accepted because of the abovementioned circumstances as I have left only one year to finish my BS Degree and 2 years for my Masters Degree in Business Administration

Thanks for your kind consideration,



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