SEARCH ME IN THE WOODS : Motivational Words By Mehrmah Baloch The Young Talent.

SEARCH ME IN THE WOODS : Motivational Words By Mehrmah Baloch The Young Talent.
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SEARCH ME IN THE WOODS : Motivational Words By Mehrmah Baloch The Young Talent.

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17 I suck at living.

SEARCH ME IN THE WOODS : Motivational Words By Mehrmah Baloch The Young Talent.

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I stand nowhere

I own no tongue

No brain

I contain no soul

No heart

No, breath, no blood

My blood turned white.

It turned thin and light.

My tears laugh at me.

My laughter cries at me.

My screams creak.

Across my heart

My veins no longer concede blood

My nerves are dry now

I suck at life

I suck at living.


“Is that you, girl?” Looking in a mirror in the middle of the night. Motivational Words 

“Oh no, that’s not true, it’s just a girl hopeless, friendless, and forlorn”

At 2:49 am, we all miss the part of our life when crying and getting depressed over a slight circumstance was okay. 

And now we can’t even make a blank face in front of someone doesn’t matter we go through so much just because we have grown up and people aren’t good enough to understand the inner thing, my bad that I can’t explain and you all can’t understand, sounds weird but okay, who cares.


Turned around  on my all-time favorite place, my bed, and let my pillow sweep all my salty tears.

Is today a good day to die? It’s been a week thinking about why am I still alive? Every morning I ask myself when I wake up. In every lecture where I am just trying to keep my eyes open.

At night, lying on my bed awake because my mind won’t shut off because of all there is a thing to think “IS TODAY A GOOD DAY TO DIE? IF NOT WHEN?”

Alone With Everybody

the flesh covers the bone.

and they put a mind

in there and

sometimes a soul,

and the women break

vases against the walls

and the men drink too.


and nobody finds the


but keep


crawling in and out

of beds.

flesh covers

the bone and the

flesh searches

for more than


there’s no chance

at all:

we are all trapped

by a singular


nobody ever finds

the one.

the city dumps fill

the junkyards fill

the madhouses fill

the hospitals fill

the graveyards fill

nothing else


River, engraved in my soul, sometimes spills out of the corners and leads in the face to salty tears. SEARCH ME IN THE WOODS : Motivational Words By Mehrmah Baloch The Young Talent.

The whole universe fades away like smoke in a few secs.

Motivational Words

Tired and barren eyes she owns – yet full of dreams she craves for, fear too deep down she knows.

My body is just like a house, brightly lit with lamps and beautiful candles, with chandeliers hanging on the ceiling, and it glows. But when I’m hurt, something inside me shuts down. It turns to pitch dark as there is a power cut and cold winds have blown down the candle flames and all the lamps are broken. Now the house looks barren and scary, all engulfed in darkness.

“You don’t even try, how do you know” whenever I share my feelings with some hoes?

“There are so many people with your problems, and they have careers, make a good living. You need to make sacrifices, that part of life” 

Sound familiar??

I’m not other people, everyone is different. I spent years trying to do things I thought I should be able to do. You don’t know how far I have come; you don’t know the fight that continues on inside. You don’t know that I struggle to survive.

Besides this, “girl stand up, go outside and face that entire world, time is mightier even than souls, 

Gold for cautious, for idle the coals. 



who am i pics


This is an article written by chaos mind of me when I was stuck between “Am I right or they are? 

I will not talk about obsession. I have a brain, and it thinks about many things and keeps these things inside it. I will not prove that whatever I will say is right and all the other perspectives are wrong.

I am a person who has spent a life more than a decade without being under someone’s influence or by making someone my ideal.

I am a person who hates depending on someone else, I always have “why I can’t do this” in my mind rather than “I can’t do this”

I am a person – No,  sorry; I was a person who looks 0.1% positivity and 99.9% negativity in all the kinds of stuff. But I hate it when someone calls me hopeless and helpless and treats me like “it’s okay, I will help you.” No, If you can help me, I can do it by myself too.

People calling me psycho- 

I saw many people judging the whole universe over what only happened with them and there I tried to convince them that world actually different from what they see, so they end up calling me psycho people never talk to themselves and never try to understand what they are, they only know where to criticize and where to dispute.

With a comment “you know nothing “. I always talked about self-created facts, so they all called me psycho because I didn’t speak the way they wanted to hear. I always highlighted the facts that people love to overlook, so they called me psycho because my facts are convincing and they don’t want to be convinced. Who I am!

Looks so calm from outside, this smile I wear hardly I smile and yet people remark that she smiles a lot, at the knowns at the books and the music, at the rain and the stars they stare and they wonder what I’m?

I’m so much more than you see on the outside. I’m the thing that happened to me, the mistakes I made, the lessons I learned I’m the night I have spent broken and confused, holding on when all I wanted to let go. I am an untold story. I’m what  I spill on the paper and all that I don’t have the courage to say.

The glint of

Moon and stars

Always captivates me

As I can correlate

It with my life span .

Clouds floating above my head

Continuously raining

And I’m falling apart

Each day

Each minute

Each second

I am falling apart

With raindrops,

Is like a losing my existence,

Like an iceman standing in the rain.

Motivational Words.


Death and life! Motivational Words SEARCH ME IN THE WOODS : Motivational Words By Mehrmah Baloch The Young Talent.

She told me that death doesn’t exist, that is a slaughter which leads to life and endings to beginnings. She said that we were immortal souls forced into mortality. She said that soul knew no life, no death, only a body did.

She said that she was not afraid of death; she had in fact died many times. With each goodbye, a closed book or even endings of a dream, a part of her died.

She said that each person she meets, every incident she goes through, all the books she read takes a little of us away with them and leaves a little bit of them behind in her. She said we were complex structures composed of millions of souls or even more complex ones with no soul at all. I wish to become a bird! I want to fly in the free endless sky. 

I want to be as colorful as a parrot,

as peaceful as a dove

as free as a pigeon


as graceful as an eagle.  

It’s hard to choose one kind of bird 

I want to become one of them 

I want to have beautiful big 

and feathery wings –

no bird has had before. 

I want to have the sight of an owl. 

I want to migrate like the storks from one place to another. 

I love the sky and don’t know what mysteries and hidden there. 

I want to dig out the riddles that are buried in the sky. 

I really don’t know what secrets birds keep from us humans. 

I want to be one of them and will flap my wings hard and hard and will explore the world. 

I will be one of them and will be part of their secret meeting. Birds are known well by humans. I spend days in bed debilitated by loss

I attempt to cry you back 

But the water is done 

And still you have not returned 

I pinch my belly till it bleeds 

Have lost counts of the days 

Sun becomes moon and

Moon becomes sun and 

I become ghost

A dozen different thoughts 

Tear through me each second

You must be one to your way

Perhaps it’s best if you’re not 

How To Become Fit And How To Become Skinny

How To Become Fit And How To Become Skinny

I’m okay?


I’m angry?


I hate you?


I can’t move on?


I forgive you _

I want to rip my hair out …

Over and over and over again-

Till my mind exhausts itself into silence.

Let me tell you, Somethin’…

dont stop me now please

dont stop me now please

DOUBT – – -?

I don’t know what to do 

Cause I don’t know what to do…

Seconds seem to be stretched in ages.

When you have all but not a clue

Doubt upon doubt blurring the light, 

The fear of what may be , the fear of what might

When you seem so weak from within and out

And thoughts make no effort to move about

When none words can soothe your mind

When none quotes could on your soul be kind

What to do to make a decision that lasts

On your darkened mind pure light casts

On your darkened mind pure light it casts

What to do to with all but no clue 

And reasons for life still due upon you

My thoughts do nothing but doubts they brew

It’s my decision to make but my mind doesn’t 

Want to…


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