Shoaib Akhtar And Sarfaraz Ahmad Controversy

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Shoaib Akhtar Sarfaraz Ahmad Controversy

Shoaib Akhtar  Sarfaraz Ahmad Controversy:Shoaib Akhtar former fast bowler of Pakistan is criticizing Pakistani team again and again.

It is a strange fact that due to unknown reasons best known to himself, he is making statement against  Sarfaraz Ahmed, Captain of Pakistan Cricket team.

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One of the reasons behind this unreal criticism is that Shoaib Akhtar has started YouTube channel.

In his promotional business videos he has started criticizing Pakistan cricket team.

And, he is trying to create sensational videos in his YouTube channel.

We can also compare the behaviour of MS dhoni when he used the badge of balidan Indian Army on his green gloves.

I think, he was well aware of the results of such illegal act. But still, just to grab the attention of the world, he did not hesitate to wear green gloves with the badge of Balidaan Indian Army.

So, he succeeded to enhance the morale of Indian Team.

The whole nation of India supported the illegal cause of MS dhoni.


But, it is strange that Shoaib Akhtar is criticizing the pakistani team in a very awkward manner.

He is, indeed a celebrity throughout the world.

And, due to his constant criticism on Pakistan, the moral of Pakistan team has been degraded.

It is the duty of the former Pakistan test cricketers and celebrities to support the cause of Pakistan.

We believe that Pakistan cricket team is in severe need of former test celebrities.

The Pakistan team has potential to win the World Cup, but, due to this constant criticism the players are in the constant stress.

All the former test cricketers of India and of  cricketers of other countries  are supporting there respective teams.

The only reason behind the Shoaib Akhtar criticism is that- he want to get more views on his YouTube channel.

His positive commentary can be the part of his comments, but to get the attention of the social media, he has called the integrity of Pakistani team.


He has even criticized his former captain Moin Khan which is against the morality.

His remarks about  sarfaraz Ahmed, Pakistan captain is also not to be appreciated at any cost.

He is the  fastest ever bowler in the world and we follow him. His single of support  can become the motto of the Pakistani cricket team.

According to my view, and I conclude that Shoaib Akhtar should such untimely bouncers upon his own team.

His such act  in the shape of criticism has even demoralized his character.

Lot of social media is also claiming that if he would not quit such criticism, then they would not follow his YouTube channel.

Such type of Handy and untimely tricks in the shape of criticism is always used by the unfamiliar person to get themselves  recognized as a brand at YouTube.

He is the history maker and hero of Pakistan. He should avoid  factors which can hinder the process of the winning of Pakistan team in the world cup 2019.

Hoping for the positive steps in the shape of new videos at his Youtube channel from Shoib Akhtar.


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