Speech of Imran Khan And Its Impact On The World

Speech of Imran Khan And Its Impact On The World
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Speech of Imran Khan And Its Impact On The World

Speech of Imran Khan And Its Impact On The World, The entire world has been stunned by the diplomatic speech of Imran Khan. Imran Khan has given a new vision to the world and told the Muslim that they are not alone. It was a crucial time in the history of Islam that the entire world came to know that Islamophobia is misconceived. After the 9/11 the whole universe is against Islam and the speech of Imran Khan in the United Nations Organization has given the actual picture of the fate of Islam.

He told the world that the suicidal bombing is not the invention of Muslims, but it was used invented by the Hindus and Japanese. He quoted that suicidal bombing was introduced by Indians near Sri Lanka. Similarly, he also referred that it that Japanese committed suicide attacks on the chimneys of the ships of America. He also told that when holocaust is so sensitive that why the atrocities of Muslims cannot be the subject of world politics. His statesmanship has shocked the entire world and given the actual picture of the American science and mind of the Muslims throughout the world.

It was also important for the delegates of Muslims who were sitting in the United Nations and they were not talking about the Kashmiri just because of the bigger economy position of India.

He left the question to the world that now they have to decide either to accommodate big economy of 1.2 billion or decide in the favor of innocents and redress the grievance of the Kashmiri people.

The speech of Imran Khan in the United Nations is historical in this respect also that the critics are commenting this speech as the most adorable, ever speech in the United Nations. It was in an abrupt and natural style and he exclaimed even simple and minute points of the problems of the whole Muslim world. He told that Muslims are peaceful. 


He even gave the vision of jihad. But, on the contrary, he told that jihad is only intolerable when someone forces to fight Muslims. This is the stage when injustice comes to its peak and life and death becomes meaningless. When many negotiations end, then Muslims opt for the Jihad to fight the evil. 

Imran raised many questions before the whole which became everlasting in the history of the speeches of the world. It was a natural and God gifted style, which infused in the minds of the people of the universe. Even the lady Ambassador of India seemed to be impressed by the speech. Her facial expressions were giving the vivid picture that she was deeply engulfed in the natural and convincing style of Imran Khan. She was so depressed by the statesmanship and oratorship of Imran Khan that she opted to repeat the written reply to the speech of Imran Khan. The Social media of India is criticizing the speech of Narendra Modi and also bitterly getting no loose loop in the speech of Imran Khan. 


He covered all the atrocities led by the government of India against the Muslims of India. He referred the bloodshed willingly committed by the RSS in Gujrat in 1987. He asked the leaders of the world that whether the Muslims are the creation of LESSER GOD. He told that all this is happening because of the economic market of India. Just because of the market of India, the universe is trying to accommodate her at any cost. But, India led by the inhumane leadership of Modi has some ill-will designs behind her policy. They have a natural sense of superiority in the shape of forming AKHAND BAHARAT. They base the behavior of RSS on the ideology of extremism and following the agenda of the genocide of Christians and Muslims in India. Modi being the chief minister and a permanent member of RSS is responsible for the genocide of Muslims. Thus it was a message and warning to the world that a person like Modi can generate violence and restlessness in the region.

Imran Khan compared the annexation of Kashmir with the annexation of Czechoslovakia and Poland by Hitler in 1939. Thus he gave a message to the world that annexation resulted in the bloody second world war, the act of India can be more disastrous than that. 

Imran Khan was very clear upon the results of drifts between Pakistan and India.

He admitted that India is seven times greater than Pakistan in the population’s shape. In case of any war, Pakistan can never surrender. Here he gave a showing message that Pakistan will step ahead to fight which can affect the borders of both countries. Here he quoted Pakistan as an atomic power and silently left the message to the world and India that Pakistan would never hesitate to use Atom bomb in case of any war with India. The critics are of the view that Imran Khan is determined for any war in case India would not leave the curfew upon the Kashmir.

It is also very important to mention that India is in such pursuit of annexation that he has taken the position of Ladakh disputed area with the people’s republic of China. They have succeeded in the foreign policy of Pakistan in a way that Russia and China, Turkey Malaysia, and many other countries of the world supports the version of Pakistan openly. Only America is trying to mediate between Pakistan and India in a diplomatic way. China is a peaceful country and is of the view that they should take proper decisions at a proper time.

China is leading the world and she cannot afford to run into a practical war with any country. According to the critics, China depends upon the economic war. This is the foreign policy of China that to enhance the economy of their country and resultantly all the required results of the rival country can be achieved easily losing no single valuable life. 

Imran Khan has also given his future policy and foreign relations in his showing speech. It was a speech for the world to know that the leader of Pakistan can lead Pakistan and also the whole Muslim community because of his innate qualities and a spirit of statesmanship. The most surprising things in the speech of Imran Khan was the intolerable behavior with the universe.

He did not tolerate criticizing positively the conduct of Muslims world. In fact, they disappointed him with the behavior of the Muslim world who did not vote in favor of the Kashmir. Some countries tried to avoid to get involved in Kashmir just because of the economy of India. So, the Imran Khan started his speech with the recitation from the Holy Quran with the meaning that I pray the God, and also get help from the mighty God.

The first agenda delivered by Imran Khan in his speech in the United Nations was climate change. It was the time when the universe was waiting for the version of Pakistan and would test the foreign policy of Pakistan regarding the terrorism in Afghanistan and other countries. The starting of speech with climate change made the universe in a position to think the positive attitude of Imran Khan.

The phrase used by Imran Khan about climate change is like the theory laid down by the professor Hungsten writings best known to the world with the clashes of civilization. After the announcement of the New world order, the event of 9/11 gives birth to a new reign of terrorism in the world.

Imran Khan criticized that the world has changed their attitude in the form of climate change and he criticized positively the members they will also be the part of climate change. His vision was that despite being Muslims being the part of Muslim Umma and believe in Almighty God and the supremacy of Muhammad peace be upon him the Muslim world is silent against the atrocities and cruel attitude of India because of a change of climate. This climate depends on the economic position of the country.

This sudden revelation by Imran Khan in the speech’s start changed the mind of the world and they came to know that Imran Khan will speak to the entire world not only going to criticize the Narendra Modi on Kashmir.

He also referred to the problems of Pakistan and the inner mind of the people of Pakistan of growing corruption in the country. He was very brave to point out that it the money of Pakistan of corruption is present in the modern world but they are not helping Pakistan to get that money as early as possible. In this way, he told the world that is an economy is not in a position to grow up but due to the behavior of the world Pakistan economy is sheltered and is in at a constant stake.

We can easily gather from this point that the prime minister of Pakistan told the world that Pakistan can become bigger economy than India if the looted money of Pakistan can be recovered from the bigger countries which are supporting the illegal cause of India in the United Nations.

Openly he talks about terrorism in the world but he was also very blunt to tell the world that there were many forms of terrorism in the modern world. His whole tour to the United States of America was the representation of a Muslim leader in America and other developed countries.

This form of opportunity comes rarely in the life of a political leader. The leader should have the qualities to convince his audience about the issue upon unrebuttable points.

The speech was constant and all the issues it interrelates us to each other in such a way that all the leaders of the world remain mum during the speech of the leader. The glamour speech of the prime minister of Pakistan mesmerized all the ambassadors and heads of the states of the different countries of the world.

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